Monica Marcella- Dendritic Agate Ring

Monica Marcella- Dendritic Agate Ring

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Dendritic agate oval with forms that look like trees in the early morning fog. The perfect everyday ring filled with intrigue and beauty. 

18k yellow gold

size 8

If you would like to order this ring in a different size, add this one to your chart and at checkout there is a place to leave a note to request your desired size. Please give us about 4-6 weeks to order your ring or resize. Feel free to reach out here if you have questions

Handmade by Monica Marcella in Santa Monica, CA

"As soon as I could put a bead on a string, I was making jewelry. My grandmother and I would sit together at the kitchen table and make compositions using a mountain of cut up thrift store beaded strand necklaces. Eventually, I would work on my own to make something I liked and then she would talk to me about color combinations, pattern, and most importantly, how it felt on her. These served as my first and most precious critiques. Her insight and encouragement became my inner voice.

Very much like those early experiences, I work best with parts. Rather than sketching or digital rendering I choose to keep my hands moving at my bench and that informs the direction I go. I fabricate several elements that seem interesting to me; then lay them out with stones and see where or if they match. These elements are constantly being edited to ensure a consistent aesthetic. 

Most of all it is about the stones and the stories they have to tell. I work with only natural gems and source them as ethically as possible.

The heritage of handmade that began at my grandmother's table inspired me to earn my BFA and MFA in metalsmithing and jewelry design.

Today, crafting future heirlooms myself honors the sentiment of generosity, love, and legacy that I so cherish."