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Koedyker Crafted- California Jade Stud


Petite and sweet, these organic formed pebbles of jade make the perfect every day earring.

4mm - 5mm diameter

sterling silver and california jade

Handmade by Taylor Koedyker in Los Angeles

"With offerings from our natural world and the precious recourse of metal, I create fine art jewelry and metal sculpture. Made by willing hands tenderly and intentionally, encouraging the importance of our Mother Earth and lighting the connection between all things

I  am Taylor Koedyker, a naturalist maker trialing with the adversity of our complicated existence. Metalsmith trained at California College of the Arts with a BFA in Jewelry/Metal Arts. Newly exploring poetry I find my writings help to articulate a perspective of my work that can sometimes go unheard. Currently working from Los Angeles, my pieces are body adornment, both wearable and sculptural, an extension of a thought and a message."